Scenarios 2017

We are looking for new scenarios for the festival of 2017!

If you have a newly written scenario that you want to premier at the Stockholm Scenario Festival, please pitch it to us by filling out:

The scenario pitching form

The scenario crew consisting of Kajsa Greger, Martin Rother-Schirren and Anna Westerling will then read your pitch, get back to you with feedback and select a number of scenarios for the festival. We are looking to create a diverse festival and for scenarios that consist one or more of the following.

  • A clear premise and a tight narrative
  • An emotional experience for the players
  • An element that pushes the boundaries of role-playing as a participatory storytelling medium.

Remember – when we read your pitches we always look for the player experience – will this be fun/interesting to play, will this give the players a good experience at the festival?

Deadline to fill out the form and send in a pitch is Sunday July 2nd 24:00 CET.

If you know of an old scenario you feel should be at the festival you can send us a hint about it it to e-mail