New Scenarios 2021

Stockholm Scenario Festival comprises both newly written scenarios, premiering at the festival, and scenarios that have been played before, at other conventions. The latter ones are selected by us upon recommendations, and the novel ones we invite you to contribute with. We do particularly encourage more Swedish designers to write for the festival, and if you think it sounds interesting, please fill out this short form no later than May 15th.

You will not commit to anything by filling out the form. Its purpose is to help us find people who have a preliminary interest and to make it easier for us to plan ahead.

After your initial notice of interest the following steps will occur:

  1. We will contact you and confirm that your notice has been received. If you are willing, we will add you to a closed Facebook group with the other interested designers, where you can spur each other on.
  2. During the spring, you can continue working on your concept. We encourage you to perform some kind of play test before June 30th.
  3. Before July 30th – you need to fill out a form with more information, such as a promotion text, required room size, number of players and length of your scenario. Based on this, we can create a schedule and open sign up. The form will be sent to you via email.
  4. August 30th – Sign up opens.
  5. November 1st – You need to send us your finished scenario.
  6. November 26th – The Festival!

Some basic guidelines for scenarios at SSF

  • The scenario must fit into a 1, 2 or 4 hour time slot, including preparation and debrief.
  • The scenario should be written down so that anyone can run it based on your description. After the festival, all the scenarios will be published on our website.
  • The scenario should be written down preferably in English, but Swedish is also ok.
  • If the scenario requires any props or costumes these should be provided by you, the designer.
  • A play test is required at least once before the festival. This is because we know from experience that all scenarios tend to develop a lot when actually tried.
  • As a designer, we want you to personally be present and host it at the festival.