New Scenarios

Stockholm Scenario Festival consist of both old and new scenarios. The old ones are selected from other conventions and the new ones we ask you to contribute with. For the new scenarios we want to encourage you to experiments and try new ideas!


For 2018 we want your new scenarios to be max 1 h long, including preparation and debrief. They should be written down in 3 or less pages, including all material, in Swedish or English, and be published at our website after the festival. We want to make it easy to participate and write a short scenario and try a new idea.


For 2018 we ask you to explore the theme Current issues in your scenarios. This could be current issues in to your personal life, current issues in society today or something completely different. The interpretation is up to you.

Of course you want to write a scenario – fill out this form.

Do it before July 15th and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Some basic for a Scenario at the Festival

  • The Scenario should fit in to a 1 hour slot. That includes preparation and debrief.
  • The Scenario should be written down in 3 or less pages, so that anyone can run it from your description. After the festival all the scenarios will be published on our website.
  • The scenario should be written down either in Swedish or English.
  • If the scenario have any props or costumes these should be provided by you, the designer.
  • When your scenario is accepted to the festival and you start developing it you must playtest it at least once before the festival. This due to that games tend to develop a lot when actually tried.
  • We want you as a designer to be present to host it at the festival.